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Hydrometer Vs. Refractometer troubleshooting,

I have a Brix refract which, other than putting the brix in an online conversion chart, I love.
however the other day I was checking the FG on a porter my hydro told me it was 1.012, and the refract, told me it was a 6 brix (1.024!) so what gives? My refract my be off by a little but certainly not that much! is it possible for my hyrdometer to be off?
Does any one have any thoughts on calibration? Can you even calibrate a hydrometer at all?
I know the calibration water should be 60 degrees and destilled, do I need to know anything else?

The presence of alcohol will cause a refractometer to give you a false reading. I believe there is a online conversion tool you can use, but from what I’ve read these are not completely reliable.

I would recommend using the refractometer for gravity measurements during brew day procedures prior to OG, and then use a hydrometer to measure from OG through FG. Technically you could use the refractometer for OG also, but personally prefer to use the same tool for measuring OG and FG.

As mentioned, alcohol in the beer throws off the refractometer measurement, but use this online calculator with the refractometer reading and you’ll be golden at any time in the process:

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