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Hydro & OG with Extract

I’m a little confused with my Lederhosen that I just brewed. I just took the OG and it came out at 1.068??? According to Brew Assistant it can be about 1.064 so I guess that’s close, but why does NB instructions say it should be 1.056? Is that for the all-grain and they just forgot to fix the numbers for Extract? I only have the one Wyeast that came with the kit and didn’t think to make a starter because I assumed it would be where the instructions said. Do you think that will be ok/enough? I took the sample before it had time to cool and “settle” out the hops and any grain dust. I did take the reading at 60 degrees so no adjustment needed there. When does everyone take their sample, right after it’s placed into primary and water added, or after it’s had time to cool to yeast pitching temps?

The wort / water was most likely not mixed well enough and your reading is wrong.

Stirred it the same as I always do, that and I add the chilled water in parts, once when giving it’s ice bath, and then top off with about 1/2 gallon in the primary. Then I stir creating a small vortex, and then reverse stir. So doubt it’s the mix. This is my 5th batch and is really the first on to be this far off. And I mean off from both my measurement & Brew Assistants number to NB quoted OG. I’m waiting for things to cool down so might take another reading

Stir it some more and recheck your reading. With extract it’s had to miss your OG as long as your final volume is correct and you used all the lme/dme.

So I let the sample settle a bit and it came down to 1.066. I took another sample from the primary and it was 1.064. So exactly what Brew Assistant says it should have been but not close to NB numbers. So letting the hop solids settle a bit helped, I think I may have poured too much back in or my only other guess is I didn’t get enough evaporation. I only added about 1.75 gal of water to get to 5 gal, and started with 2.5-3 gal.

I’m not sure I’m reading this correct but if you started with 3 gal and topped off with 1.75 thats 4.75 not counting for boil off? Are you sure you have 5 gal ?

According to NB bucket yes. I was thinking it odd as well but the kit does have 2lb DME and 6.30lb LME. so the LME is almost a gallon in itself.

The pre-printed markings on my NB buckets were off by about a quart. Use a good gallon jug and confirm the markings.

More often than not, the markings on the side of the buckets are not quite accurate. Get a 1 gallon vessel, and add your own marks, 1 at a time as you fill it up with water until you reach the 5 gallon mark. I’ve done this to all my brew buckets.

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