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Hurricane Irma

If anyone has info about folks on this forum in Florida or the islands that may have been affected by the storm let us know! I assume @hd4mark is up north for the summer. Any news on your recently purchased place in the Keys? Pretty sure @wilcolandzaat wasn’t in the path of the storm. I feel like there were a couple of guys from Florida on here…

Al my relatives in Florida have checked in safe and sound with minimal damage to personal property. My one cousin near Lakeland got power back on today.

My first cousin on St John and his GF are safe but have lost pretty much everything they own including their beloved sailboats. Survivor of 30+ years of island storms and always the pragmatist my cousin said, we’re alive and well insured!

My daughter’s BF’s family in St Thomas lost everything there and are considering moving to the states to get their 9 year old back in school so she won’t miss a year. They have no idea when the schools will open since they’re basically living in the stone age for now. Luckily they have the means to make a life changing situation tolerable. Apparently they hitched a ride on a fishing boat to Puerto Rico and are flying to Baltimore tomorrow.

St Martin is almost a second home to me, my wife and our kids. We’re heartbroken by the news coming out of there. It could be years before they’re fully recovered.

Such a long rebuilding process all these folks have ahead of them.

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Truly a sad situation. Glad to hear what truly is important in life, your family, is safe. Never really thought about the schooling aspect. It’s easy to overlook things until you find yourself in the situation.

I know @voodoo_donut is in FL. Hopefully he and his family are safe and hasn’t lost too much. In addition, hopefully power is restored soon for him so he can start rebuilding anything he may need to.

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Friends and family in St Marys, GA came through with very little damage. Their houses are at 12 feet elevation. Sent some pictures today. Water just coming up into the lawn at their house. Down town flooded even before the storm surge will arrive. Area nearer the coast has heavy damage.

It is hard to grasp the losses and impacts on people in the storms direct path.

Maybe since this is going to be a long rebuild, there should be a brew kit offered from NB that reflects that… on a paradigm as pints for prostrate, rebuilding one pint at a time for relief? I can’t fathom the devastation from the storm… I watched a video on some tower cranes that were busted up by the storm, and from my eye’s view… that is some just shear power to do that… Just keep the heart full of optimism… Sneezles61

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I am fine. Bonaire got nothing. Only rain and for a week no wind at all. Irma did suck all the wind away. But fam of my are living in st maartin. They did lose everything for now they move back to Holland to pick up their live again. Did send my ex a message. She does live in the keys. Did not hear nothing yet from her.

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Thanks @loopie_beer , we came through relatively ok, especially compared to other folks, even just a block or three away(tornados/straight line winds). Two trees down, one on my roof but didn’t puncture through. I’ve already got those down to the street. Power just came back on after 4 days, still no internet / cable/ cellular signals(I’m using wifi elsewhere. ). No flooding here.

Man, that was one long night.

On a lighter note:
A beer related question; two kegs that had been cold, and my entire yeast bank, were pretty much at 80* for several days. Now back down to 35*. Will they be ok? ( know the beer will be safe to drink, but will that temp rise affect quality?


We still don’t know what if any damage we have. NOAA satellite imagery shows the build looking basically like it did when we left. The question is if we were flooded and how badly. They are not allowing anyone to return past MM (mile marker) 74 and Marathon where we are is about MM50. There is no electric,water, sewer and spotty cell phone signal so I understand why they don’t want anyone to return yet. Especially the no sewer in my mind.

Everyone in our building left with the mandatory evacuation so we have not heard anything. We have not sold our RV yet so that can still be an option. Was really looking forward to just driving my SUV or my wife’s Jeep.


@voodoo_donut glad to hear that!

In regards to the beer the increased temps will speed aging (including oxidation). The yeast is likely toast.

I say, I’m glad to hear from both of you… and HD4Mark, we all can come down some other year to hang out… Maybe VooDoo will put you and all of us up!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Good thing this hobby will allow us to rebuild what we lose… Sneezles61

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What Hurricane Irma really did to the fortunate(and we were fortunate) homeowners on street after street, town after town, in the whole peninsula of Florida. It could have been a lot worse. Cleanup time.

I have a pile of vegetation on our cul de sac that, if I lit it, would be a bonfire you could see from Space.

I’ll be glad when I can get back to brewing!

Again, just glad you and yours are safe… Sneezles61


Sorry to be so late getting back to this post. It’s been interesting so far. We still can not leave yet due to the surgery my wife had (she is OK) but my neighbor has been so helpful I can’t begin to thank him.

Our a/c is out as are four others in our building. Good news is the condo association is working on replacing all 13 on the condo’s insurance. Some were actually blown over on the roof by the hurricane.

The water damage we had was minimal and my neighbor and his son cleaned up best they could and sprayed some kind of industrial mold killer on what they could not remove. They also left a bunch of Damp Rid buckets. It looks like the condo association will be hiring a contractor to remove any affected dry wall then replacing and finishing it. Paint might be up to the owner but we were planning on painting at least two rooms this winter any way.

A couple of cases of beer were stuck to the floor but bottles still intact. I’m not sure what I left. Might be Fat Tire.

Any water damage we had was “wind driven rain” not hurricane flood or surge. I think it was blown in under and/or around our front door. Sand bags will be in place next spring when we leave. I think what it also means is if we need to replace furniture or appliances insurance should cover it. Doesn’t sound like we will.

I left what little brewing equipment I have there up on a table and from what my neighbor describes the water wasn’t and inch deep so it should be OK.

Our condo assoc. pres. told me not to hurry back because our town is not pretty. Looks like a war zone. Sad but we will move on and it will be just a memory some day.

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So, you may need some painting… hhhmmm, I’d bet you’d be able to find some help here… :grin: Sneezles61

Glad to hear that! Nothing worse than seeing something you worked so hard for ripped away.

Here’s to you and @voodoo_donut getting back to brewing and putting this in the past!


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Strange, we get a lot of offers like that. We were talking about getting rid of the futon in the 2nd bedroom and buying a mattress & box spring instead. My wife said " let’s not make it too comfortable".

Hey if your down that shoot me a PM. I’ll try to have something on tap.


Only if I can bring my sign!


Plenty of work down there. They only allow Florida licensed contractors though. Sadly it is to try to prevent the scum bag con artists that pop up after a disaster. It prevents well meaning people that want to help out from working.

I’m sure we could find some under the table, like replace some tiles under the table, work though. :smiley: Last fall some popped up mysteriously. Looks like who ever installed them had no idea how to. They buttered the tiles with Thinset like a piece of bred and stuck them down.

Craft beer wise we have a couple of hang outs with excellent choices. Neither one is cheap though. Easy to blow $100 at either one.

After a half of days work, well worth it… er, visiting… When I say half a day, I mean 12 hours! Sneezles61

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