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They said it’s consumer safety. Sounds like pay to play to me. Gulp! Beer maker fined a record $1M by New York

Absolutely its pay to play. It’s engineered so. After prohibition, certain families (read what you will into that) were given the rights to distribute alcohol. Each state decided who was going to have the right to do this. Some states like Ohio decided they would reserve the right for the state itself. While a lot of that has relaxed, to some degree you still have to pay for the right to sell alcohol and each state you have to pay all over again. That’s why it some time takes years or never to get some breweries products in your state. Small breweries can only afford to “distribute” to so many fiefdoms. The families that control alcohol distribution happen to be major lobbyist and donors to each party in each state so this is not likely to change.

For Example:

Thats weird in the usa.every different state different tax laws. Here on bonaire i can brew up to 1009 liters. With out paying tax. More you need to pay. 20 dollar per. Keg beer. 4 dollar case of beer

Did I miss the boat again? I thought you were referring about the Farm house licensing… Sneezles61

No in NY State that’s a different sticker to earn.

The more I read about beer distributing, the more angry I become. Stacked against competition and the consumer and in favor of the privileged like everything American. End of rant and lets not get into politics.

A side note. Since Reyes beverage group bought Gold Coast beverage, Florida’s largest distributor, they now surpass A-B as top distributor.

This is another reason I like home brewing. The producer is me. The distributor is me. No need for a retailer and the consumer is me. While legally limited to 200 gallons/year, sometimes the evidence disappears. :wink:


You be careful HD, Big brother has… moles… in the sewer business …:astonished: Sneezles61


One of the idea i had. Start importing beer to the island. Found some beer companys in cali and florida. Who are willing to help me. But after. Calculation. State tax. Transport. Tax on island. Have to sell bottle of beer at cost price 5 dollar. So no person wants to buy. Craft beers. To expensive.

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