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Huge hop sale!

Huge hop sale right now at Northern Brewer.

Select hops are up to half off, including some hot new varieties.

Czech Sazz, Apollo, Zythos, Cascade, Chinook and way more!

Online only, while supplies last. ... dium=email

no love for the walk in customer though? =(

I 2nd that good sir!

I bought somewhere around 16lbs of hops, most of which where 1/2 off. Yeah, I’ll be set for a while. In the freezer they go, when they come out, no one knows.

I usually hate online sales simply because once you figure in shipping it’s not much of a sale. This was a pretty dang good deal. I ordered 3lbs and vs buying a few ounces at a time when I pick up my other ingredients I saved about $32! Buying in bulk is definitely the way to go.

Just what I needed, another 8lb of hops in the freezer! Can’t pass up the deals though, I’m set for British ales and German lagers. I’ll probably distribute some of this to friends.

Are all the hops on sale from the 2011 harvest?

I’m assuming these are 2011 hops and the varieties with the biggest discounts aren’t moving very well. I bought several German and English varieties that are relatively new to the homebrewer market. Some super-high alpha stuff and anything with floral, resin, and/or citrus character in the description. I’m not so big on spicy character, and the one described as new mown hay didn’t appeal to me either.

Got me hook, line, and sinker.

I’ve only done extract kits up to this point, but am building up my equipment to do all grain. I picked up 4 lbs of German and British hops, so it’ll be interesting to build some recipes off of those. Can’t argue with those prices to try out some new styles.

Apparently I’m addicted…

Anybody have recommendations on usage:
German Hercules & Opal
UK Northdown & Progress

Just use them in German/British styles, and sub in for the more well-known hops, adjust bittering addition to get equivalent IBUs from different AA%.

I got all four of those.

Anyone have any particular aversions to IPAs done with the german/UK hops that are on sale? That’s what I was planning on doing. Never had an IPA done with spicy hops, though… apart from Lat 48 which is a blend.

Have not done a traditional IPA with those hops so much, but I often use perle or magnum as a bittering hop in hoppy amber ales. One of my favorite amber ales I did used perle for bittering and then 3 1oz. additions of a glacier/liberty mix at 30, 0 and dry.

Herkules is supposed to be a very good bittering hop. And I’d think the floral nature of some of the British hops would make a nice IPA. Anyting that has a little citrus component would also be good as far as I’m concerned.

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