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Huge disaster

So normally i force carbinate. But I have decided to be more patient and go the slower route. The problem is I already have a keg hooked up half empty. I went to hook the second one up. I have one gas line that is split to run 2 kegs. When i hooked the second line into the “out” post of.the keg (thats how a website said to do it) the difference in pressure caused beer to run into my gas line. I unhooked the first keg and the beer ran back into keg 2. So ny question is will my beer be infected and go bad due to going in the non sterile Lines? And how do i just left the first keg undone until keg 2 carbonates then ill hook them back up on the correct posts. Will keg one be ok not hooked up to gas for 3 days? Sorry for the novel.

hey man ur fine i did the same damn thing, your other keg will just fine i actually broke my regulator. Just know that if u have a “T” spliter u need to treat the line from the co2 tank as one line meaning if u want to get beer from one keg u need to adjust the pressure correctly, until u get both kegs on the same pressure to pour.

If you are doing the set it and forget it approach to carbonating, there should be no need to connect to the out post. Just connect as normal and wait a week or so. I am no expert, but inside of a cold, pressurized keg is one of the last places I would worry about infection. Especially from something like an C02 line.

Check valves. Beautiful things, those check valves. ... a8121a544a

Still, no need to worry about infection. Backflowing liquid could wreck your regulator, though.

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