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How to use Vintner's Best Acid Testing Kit for Hard Cider

Am trying to take my hard cider making to the next step…

I bought a Vintner’s Best Acid Testing Kit as I as told that it can be used for testing acid levels in hard cider. However, the meager directions are specific to wine and are based on one’s subjective opinion about the color of the wine (ex: “continue adding Sodium Hyrdoxide in very small doses… until a deep dark color change… White wines will change to pink/red, red wines will change to blue/grey/black.”

I am trying to measure the acid in apple juice before (during and after) fermentation.

  1. Any specific advice on to measure acid levels in apple juice using this kit?

  2. I am following Eleanor Leger’s directions to make Ice Cider, as defined in the Sept. 2011 article by Betsy Parks. Eleanor “shoots for a higher total acidity in their finished ciders than most – 1.2 to 1.4”.

I would like to follow her directions as close I can before modifying them.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

  • James
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