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How to use a pump in brewing?

Hello I just purchase my first pump the MARK II WORT PUMP that William’s brewing sells. My purpose for this pump is to move hot water from my brew pot to my mash-tun an also to use it for Vorlauf. Now my ? Is using this for the Vorlauf part. My ? Is during the Recirculation part how does one prevent pieces of grain clogging your pump. An also My understanding with these pump is you don’t want to interfere with the liquid flow going through the in-let into the pump Interface but you want a ball-value on the out going side of the pump to use to control the flow rate of the wort, water, etc. Any tips for using a pump for brewing would be useful.

Me just got a pump for the new brew set up. Did look at straight forward do think. Make sure connect the hoses the right way.

You are correct that the flow should not be restricted on the inlet side. The impeller in a magnetic drive pump is not directly connected to the motor it’s unlikely you will burn it out if it gets stuck. Your false bottom, screen or whatever in the MT should filter out enough debris so it will flow anyway.

This type pump is not self priming so the source will have to be higher than the pump. I tried to use one to circulate ice water through my chiller with the water in a tub on the floor and the boil pot above it and no dice.

You should be sure its on a GFI circiut, yes,keep it below vessel, A valve after the pump to control speed or volume. I have to start and stop mine to git it to flow. Sneezles61

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There is a T fitting on the input of my pump with a valve. If it won’t flow I can open the valve and drain some of the wort or water to “prime” the hose.

BTW If you have a March 809 pump, upgrading the impeller with the 815 kit makes a world of difference. Thanks to Denny for that info.

I too put a “T” fitting with a valve to assist in priming. Open the valve, let some wort out and the pump starts doing its job.

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