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How to set up my dual temp controler for fermenting at 62F

Hello I have a dual temp control an i want to ferment at 62F but I dont what temps i set the mode to meaning I want to ferment right at 62F +/- but what do I set the cooling mode too an what do I set the heating mode to ??? i using a freezer to do this in

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Is the freezer in a heated area?
What brand is the controller?

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I use a chest freezer with a collar, use a Ranco dual stage controller, and have my temp probe underneath some insulation taped to the side of my fermenter. I have used a heating pad or a light bulb as my heating element. My chest freezer is in an attached garage.

If I were fermenting something at 62 during the winter when the temp in the garage might dip below that point, I would set the cooling to 62 and the heat to 61. I have a 1 degree differential set on both sides of the controller.

I know this will result in more cycling of my freezer, but I want a stable temperature for my yeast and the insulation on the freezer is good enough that the cycling isn’t bad. My last chest freezer lasted about eight years and I think last summer’s heat wave hurt it more than cycling during fermentation. Chest freezers don’t cost too much, and so I choose to err on the side of stable fermenation temps. During the summer, I don’t worry about the heated side and either remove it or set the heat temp much lower than fermentation temp so it doesn’t come on.

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