How to prep a barrel?

Howdy there. Bout to move 10gallons of oud bruin to 2ndary in a white oak barrel that had pino noir in it, but has simply had water in it since racking the wine, as to prevent shrinkage.

Q; What all do I need to do to prep/clean the barrel in preparation of the beer? thinking about hot rinse o water, maybe some PBW then a starsan rinse. Yall tell me. Thanks fo yo help.

I use a soution of water and metabisulfite and citric acid. multiply barrel volume by.4 . That gives you ounces of metabisulfate to add .Multipy barrel volume by 0.2 that gives you the amount of citric acid. fill barrel 1/2 way add citric acid and metabisulfate. Bung barrel. . Roll barrel around and drain. fill barrel with clean water Let sit 48hrs. Drain . Fill and drain with cold clean water 5 times.Rinse with warm water.

Its wood, you can’t really sanitize it. I’d just drain it and add the beer. You can rinse with starsan, I wouldn’t use PBW on it.

If you store with water, you want to add some kmeta (potassium metabisulfite, a wine preservative) and citric acid to the water so nothing grows in it.

Yeah, it really should have been stored filled with storage solution rather than just plain water. If it were me, I would run a quick dose of BarolKleen through it.

thanks for all the input! Learning process, and always trying new things, so thanks all for the advice.