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How to make friends with a home brewer

I have been trying to educate the public. If you want to make a friend of a home brewer, give him a box of bottles washed and de labeled. I get a lot of people who ask if I want their old bottles to which I reply " if there washed an peeled". I’m sorry if It sounds snooty but it’s the least one can do for some free home brew.

Also, if you’re given a bottle of homebrew, return the bottle empty and rinsed. People that do this for me get a lot of homebrew in return.

Or better yet return it full if you have some of your own

Some times I say to throw them away, I’ve had too many returns with chew or cigarette butts in them.
I buy something I haven’t had before to replace them.

Another nice gift would be a bottle of beer from the store that comes in a flip top. A lot of breweries around here sell squealers with flip tops bring a couple of those over. These gestures will put you on my receiver list for sure

If I leave a bottle on the counter overnight, my wife throws my bottled out. It’s okay though. It justifies me buying commercial brew. I need more bottles, right?

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