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How to I make the first mead I ever tried?

I first tried mead while on vacation in England. I bought a bottle and still have it - it is a traditional mead from Lyme Bay.

My question is - how do I make something similar with what I can get in the States? They describe it as sweet and it has a 14.5% alcohol content. I have no idea what “great accompaniment to casseroles” equates to as far as flavor. :joy:

Granted, the flavor might have been increased by it being my first taste and being on vacation, but I am sure I can get close.

Web search, “Joe’s ancient orange mead.” Look no further, and when you’ve mastered that, research Staggered Nutrient Additions. Be careful of this rabbit hole!

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I guess I should have mentioned that I have made JAOM, still mead, and beer before.

Is this the best way - ?

To make something similar you’d need to use the same variety of honey and the same yeast.

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