How to hydrate dry yeast

Is it necessary to hydrate dry yeast. What is the proper procedure to hydrate dry yeast

I’ve heard different answers to this. Mostly I have been told re-hydrating the dry yeast helps create a more active yeast cells. I always re-hydrate when doing 5 gallon batches. basically once boil is over I heat I believe 4oz of water to about 105 degrees then pour into glass container, I use a 2 cup pyrex, then sprinkle the yeast on top and let sit for 15 minutes (don’t stir yet), after 15 minutes stir then once temp is close to same as wort pitch the yeast.
I find this works good to do this while the wort is cooling and once you have the wort in the carboy and aerated the yeast is ready to go.
This goes over the steps in a quick 2 minute video:

I also always rehydrate, but use the Fermentis recommendation of boiled water + or - 7°F of 85°F. Rehydrated yeast should be pitched within 30 minutes of rehydration to protect the reserves built into the yeast. Do not use RO or distilled water for rehydration. The structure of the cell walls can be damaged when the rehydration water is devoid of minerals. I pitch when the rehydrated yeast is within 10°F of the wort to minimize shock.

Thanks to all for your input. I think I may have screwed this batch up. Maybe you can shed some light on this, here is how I tried to hydrate my yeast. I took dry yeast out of the ref and sprinkled the yeast into a glass container filled with 4 oz of water. I stirred the yeast into the 4 oz of water and after 5 min I poured the hydrated yeast into the primary.

No, you really didn’t damage the yeast. A longer rehydration time would have increased the vitality of more cells, but unless this is a high gravity beer the yeast will go to work. Lag time might be a little longer, but that will not be a problem.

Ah so what I read in the fermenting book, lag time is a good phase fer yeast to set itself up to multiply…. not reproduction… as they double and split…. Sneezles61

I never rehydrate dry yeast. I even went as far as to use one packet that was rehydrated and one just sprinkled in carboys with wort from the same batch side by side. I could not see any difference. YMMV

Flame suit on.

I only rehydrate dry yeast for big O G beers.