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How to dry hop?

So I am working on dead ranger IPA 1 gal. kit and when i tasted it before putting it in the secondary it left me wanting a little something more. I was thinking of dry hopping but I have never done it before. any advise or recommendations would be great!

Did you mean Dead Ringer? I just dry hopped my Dead Ringer. Day 10 in the primary and FG seems to have been reached. 1.010 a little higher than previous brews but no CO2 or large amount of sediment in the sample. This recipe calls for a dry hop of 1 ounce of Centennial. I dry hop in the primary. I’ll leave it for seven days on the dry hop before bottling.

The one gallon doesnt call for a dry hop iirc.

Oops. I didn’t look up the one gallon brew.

I brewed this kit a while back (yum :slight_smile: ), but didn’t dry hop it. I’ve dry hopped other one gallon batches recently.

I’ll suggest adding around 3-5 grams of Centennial hops to the fermenter around 3-4 days before bottling.

Update: You can store the rest of the one oz package of hops in the freezer. Push out as much air as possible & wrap the package with a rubber band. My experience is that the hops will be good for six months (maybe longer).

One gallon kit

Five gallon kit

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Thank you for the advice. The question i have is how to do it. Do i just put the hops in the fermenter? I just racked it to the secondary last night and i was planing on bottling i two weeks. this is my first go a dry hopping and i have no clue on what to do.

By the way, the current correct term now is ‘Cold Hopping’.:wink:

Thanks but how do it do it?

Yes, you just add them to the fermentor. Of course because we are nerdy enthusiasts, we all do it a little differently.

Easiest, toss them in. You may get floaties in the beer when you bottle. Putting the fermentor in the fridge can help this stuff drop to the bottom.

Next, putting them in a sanitized mesh bag or tea ball. Makes things cleaner.

Third, do the sanitized container, but weighing it so it’s in the middle of the fermentor. Possibly using floss or something to tie it iff.

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Thank you so much. This is only my 3 brew and I could not find a clear answer when I searched the other post

It’s also possible to get some of the hop matter stuck in your siphon during bottling. A quick disassemble and rinse of the siphon helps prevent inflections.

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