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How to convert catering stuff to mash tun

Hi All,
I have this cool old catering stuff I’d like to convert to a mash tun for all grain.

here’s links to pics of the “food warmer” and SS pans (I have lids). ... ype=family ... 30362.html

the SS pans are 6 in deep, and 22 qts, 24 gauge SS. Heavy duty.

the warmers are heavy duty insulated food carriers, 2 of these pan easily slide in.

this is high quality stuff, and my Mom is getting rid of it, I would love to make use of it…



i think the difficulty in using that hot box (that’s what we commonly refer to those as) is that it is not water tight. it has a gasket and clamps to shut it, but there is no way i can see to use that as a tun or cooler.
if you were doing partial mashes and wanted to keep a small 4 or 5 gallon kettle at a stable temp, then you may be able to put it in that box and it would likely keep it’s temp for a long time.

i can’t really think of any use for the 6" pans either.

you may be better off selling it all and putting the profits towards something more useful. if that box is in really good condition you could get $100 for it.

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