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How to clean carboys and bottles that was in flood

Hello everyone! I’m new to the site and new to brewing. My son got me a mr beer for christmas 4 years ago and did about 12 kits but want to go bigger. I bought 2 carboys and 100 16oz. bottles today that was in the flood, and would like some info as to clean these to use. Again these were in the flood and actually smell like sewer water! Any info I do appreciate.
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I would soak them all in you favorite cleaner/sanitizer. I am partial to bleach solutions for cleaning glass.

fourtunatly i was not affected by the minot flood,but one good thing that came out of it was while i was doing some rebuilding at a local buisness i spied a bunch of corny kegs with mud all over em…when i asked the owner about em he said it was contaminated product an they were gonna throw em out…after he found out that i home brew he said he would help me load em in my truck for a couple brews…all and all i got 5 kegs.still holding pressure,so nothing got mans trashis an others tresure!!IM just gonna bleach the crap out of em and call it good! good luck

Bleach + SS = pitting.

Hose them off with water and a scrub brush. Then give them a soak in PBW/Oxy. Then StarSan.

For the carboy/bottles of the OP’s. Soak in a bleach solution or PBW/Oxy.

For cleaning carboys, I recommend "The Carboy Cleaner

" from Northern Brewer. It’s basically a cleaning “brush” on a long drill bit. Works slick! I threw together a little video about cleaning carboys that you may (or may not) find interesting. My particular carboy that I had to clean was nastier than sin — a frog literally crawled up in my carboy and died…er croaked.

The video:

Well…its a good thing i read this before i did anythng rash!! thanks guys…im kinda new to keging been bottleing for over a year now an i think its time to move to better things…good looking out

Don’t forget to change the seals on the kegs.

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