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How Much Yeast Do I Have?

So I harvested some yeast from 4 bottles of Victory Golden Monkey, which has a 9% ABV. I know that’s high, but I thought I’d give it a shot. And this is what I did:
On a stir-plate, I started with 300ml of starter, for 1 day.
Then I bumped it up to 800ml for 1 day
Then I bumped it up to 2000ml for 2 days.

I turned off the stir plate, waited 12 hours, and now there’s a bunch of yeast at the bottom, and probably much more in suspension.

Is this enough yeast to brew a clone of Golden Monkey, or should I chill, decant, and make another starter before pitching?

No idea. You need to measure it. Measure it out in ml. Knowing the volume and doing a little research should tell you about how much you have.

I agree. You need to measure it.

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