How much wheat malt in a Saison?

I plan on using some wheat malt in a saison of modest gravity (~ 1.048 – 1.050 ).
Any recommendations on how much ?

It’s been a while since I last brewed a Saison, but I think I went with 10-15% of the grist being white wheat.

Just looked and ours is 11%.

I was thinking ~ %10

I plan on using Swaen classic

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roughly the same here…12.5% German wheat malt

Denny’s accomplice Drew would be the guy to answer… I thought I heard him use up to 50%…
Experimental brewing is the podcast… Actually, great listening and helps broaden your brewing horizons…

as much as you want. One of the best beers I’ve made was a blended Weise/Saison.