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How much salt

How much for a 3 gose?

I like to use 3 grams salt/gallon. Just a hint of salt, like a Gatorade. You can always add more if you want later, but at this ratio it’s there but won’t be noticed unless you’re looking for it. At least for me.

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I’ve followed @porkchop recommendations on gose and the beers have turned out great.

So that’s about 1 gram per gallon. I agree I not looking to taste it . I aquired a taste for gose before I knew it had salt.

You would use 9g if you’re making 3gal.

Right, 9 grams in a 3 gallon batch.

Thanks for doing the math . I read over the the /gallon

Added post fermentation?

You can add it at any time, it isn’t enough salt to harm the yeast. I usually add it in secondary when adding other flavorings, like citrus or stone fruit or whatever. Or just in primary when adding those same things. Only because I like to change my mind, and if you add the salt at the beginning you’re stuck with it.

Of course, if you are adjusting your water to add more chloride, I’ll just use sodium chloride instead of calcium chloride, and adjust the final 3g/gallon based on how much went into the strike and sparge water. Not that it’ll make a big difference, but hey, science.

Yeah I use sea salt so it’s iodine free.

I have pretzel salt I was gonna use

This bears repeating… use a salt, any salt, that is iodine free.

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I’ll go post fermentation; celtic sea salt.

Thanks guys I ended up using 2 teaspoons which I believe is about 8.5 grams of pretzel salt and 1.5 lbs of fresh Cranberry. Came out awesome. I can just make out the salt

.Cranberry Gose nice color. Maybe back off on the salt we’ll see. Having a tasting party Saturday will bring it out for feedback

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Looks great! And great foam retention on that. Nicely done.

Flaked wheat. Also helped with the mouth feel.

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