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How much more yeast for high octane brew?

I’ve read more than once on the forum that lots of times you need more than one package of dry yeast for high octane brew. I figure - OK - I’m going to brew the Megalodon Imperial Red Ale that has a starting OG of 1.090, so instead of just using the one pack of the US-05 that comes with it, I’ll throw in two packs.

I’m not wanting to use starter - just pitch the dry yeast, and if it makes any difference I have a mini fridge I use to keep the temp right for the yeast during fermentation.

Thought I’d better check here and get some expert advise.

Thanks in adavance

Definitely use 2 packs for this.

Thanks Matt - appreciate it much!


One gallon brew one pack of US-05 dry. Five gallon brew 2 packs of rehydrated US-05.

Let us know how that beer turns out. I don’t buy kits anymore, but have a gift card to NB that I need to use.

I’ll let you know - mid to late September.


Read the above carefully. 2 packs of rehydrated US-05.

To rehydrate two packs, put 1 cup of previously boiled, then cooled to 100F water in a sanitized jar, then sprinkle the yeast on the top. Wait 15 minutes, then stir with a sanitized spoon and pour the mix into the wort which has already been cooled to the mid 60s or lower.

You will get a much healthier fermentation and better tasting beer if you do this, especially if you keep the fermenting beer temp down.

Fermentis tip for rehydrating. ... hydration/

I’m definitely going to rehydrate - I want to learn to do it “right”.

Thanks for the instructions.


I made the Megalodon about 7 weeks ago. 4 weeks in primary, and coming up on 3 in bottles. Due to a scheduling screw-up I didn’t have time to make a starter for the WY1056, so I just used it AND one pack of US-05. Waste-not, Want-not; I also used the full 2lbs sugar that was in the kit, instead of the 1.5 lbs specified in the recipe sheet. OG=1.100; FG=1.024

Tasted it on bottling day, and it is AMAZING. I disagree with NBs page that says there is enough hops to keep a hop-head happy, but I am not a hop head. Everything else they say is spot-on. Toffee, caramel, raisin. It has just enough hops to keep it from seeming sweet.

I have a 16.9oz water bottle with about 5 oz Megalodon, that was crushed to remove dead space, and capped on bottling day. After 3 weeks it’s about 1/2 way back to its original shape. So not carbed yet, but given the ~10% ABV I’m not giving up yet.

If (when) I do this again, I’ll just stick to 2x US-05. Given that it seems to be carbing, I’m not sure re-yeasting is necessary, but would like to hear more experienced opinions for next time.

Go to for your answer.

I also suggest keeping the temps low, plus giving a good aeration/oxygenating prior to pitching the yeast. US05 can handle that easily, so even if you can get it down to 1.015 you’re still looking at <10%. Piece of cake.

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