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How much maize and barley to add to a Cream Ale?

I’m doing the AG NB Cream Ale and would like to do something a little different so I ordered a lb. of flaked maize and a lb. of flaked barley. How much should I add to the mash? Half? The whole lb of each?
The recipe is:
7 lb 2 row
.75 honey malt
.25 biscuit malt


Well, no recommendations, I guess the very recent browsers were like me, unsure. I brewed this morning and used .5 lb. flaked maize and .5 lb. flaked barley. Not sure if that’s enough to notice but I played it safe. Hit my mash temps pretty good. I have 4 thermometers and they were all reading different. I took the 2 digital at their word, they were about 4 degrees apart. Played it safe and mashed in about 151 as I always do. The session went like clockwork.
Mash in at 8:10
Sparge at 9:10
Had a boil at 10:10
1 oz of Mt Hood for 60 mins
1 oz of sweet Orange peel for 10 mins
1 oz of Willamette for 1 min

White Labs 080 yeast

My first time using a vial of WL. It said to shake well and I did. But when I opened the vial it wanted to leak and spew like a carbed drink. Oh well I got it in the wort.

A very good brew day. I had a lot of equipment ready the night before. It went very well, hope the beer turns out as well as the day went.

Glad it went well for you, and yeah, I can’t answer your question because I have no experience with them. I was thinking of using rice for a cream ale, but not sure how that would work out either. Good luck and report back how they turned out for you.

If your WL vial spewed when shaken this is a good sign. This often indicates that you have a healthy yeast strain, kind of like when a wyeast swells. Let us know how it turns out.

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