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How much bottling sugar?

It’s been years since I bottle conditioned. And even longer since I added per bottle.

Any suggestions on how much sugar I should add to individual 1L bottles to get a moderate level of carbonnation?

Can’t add the sugar to the whole batch before filling the bottles?


I do this all the time and usually use 2.5 teaspoons of table sugar for the 1L bottle. The exact amount of carbonation may depend on what’s in the bottle, but it always comes out about right. It’s certainly never blown up or been close to flat.

Nope. Kegged most of it. I don’t actually know the exact volume of what was left over, so I just wanted to add by the bottle.

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually went with only 2 tsp. Figured it would be better to err on the side of flat this time out. Next time I’ll go with 2.5.

I usually have a few bottles to fill after I fill the keg. I usually use a rounded 1/2 teaspoon or so in 12 Oz. to 750 ml bottles if it is a Belgian style. I get plenty of carbonation. Two teaspoons sounds like a lot to me. I know it is a bigger bottle, but it is about the head space. A couple of ounces of sugar is usually enough to carbonate my whole 5 gallon keg. That is about 12 tea spoons. If you are putting this in glass bottles, I would store the bottles in a place that would contain the glass and liquid if they start exploding. I often use one of my 5 gallon pots if I am worried about exploding bottles. If they do start breaking, you can chill the beer and release some of the pressure by opening the cap slightly and re capping when the beer starts to foam. Hopefully, you won’t have any problems. I do try to add the sugar first if I am going to bottle a whole batch of beer or have a measured amount.

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