How many 12 oz bottles out of a gallon kit?

I am new to brewing beer…I got 9 bottles out of my first 1 gallon batch and 10 out of my second. Just wondering if that is average or what. The first batch I used a 16 qt. stock pot and I think too much evaporated during the boil. In the second batch I 1/2 covered it to prevent this.

You get 8-10 12oz or 7 16oz or 5 22oz

Im with radio, usually i hit about 8-11 bottles per gallon batch. I have in my head an average of 10 per gallon. BUT that all depends on how much “neck space” you fill to. Usually i fill right up to where the neck starts.
Sometimes i have a bottle that is about half full, and save that as a last one to drink.
I mean, who wastes delicious beer!? :cheers: