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How long until repitch?

First time making cider. 5 gallons of orchard cider, 5 campden tablets, waited 24 hours, pitched 1056 starter. 36 hours without any activity. When should I consider repitching?

I wouldn’t mess around. Throw in a pack of US-05 or whatever dry yeast you have on hand, and it will start up right away and turn out great.

I would let it go for a week first without panicking. Take a gravity reading after a week and then panick if nothing is happening.

I just did a cider and pitched White Labs cider yeast 48 hours after adding the campden tablets. Nothing happened for a week. Then I pitched Wyeast cider yeast 9 days after the campden tabs and had activity in 36 hours. It’s been fermenting happily since. :slight_smile:

I’d give it another day or two, but have some yeast on hand if nothing seems to start in that time.

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