How long to wait on smack pack?

I just brewed a batch of Saison De Noel with the Wyeast 3711 french saison yeast. I didn’t realize it needed to be smacked and then I had to wait three hours. I smacked it about an hour ago, and I have the wort in the primary fermentation vessel waiting for it. Do I have to wait the full three hours or can I go ahead and put it in?

I have to get up for work in the morning and I need to go to bed, lol. If it really needs to wait, I can set an alarm to get up in a few hours.


So, what did you do?

Swelling of the smack pack is just proof of viability. You CAN pitch the yeast without smacking, whether or not beer ferments is the ultimate proof of viability.

With a higher gravity beer like Saison De Noel (1.070) consider doing a yeast starter next time.

For now, RDWHAHB

I waited about another hour. So in all, I had about two hours after I smacked it to when I put it in. The pack had still not shown any signs of swelling. I checked it this morning when I got up at about 0530 (which would have been 6 hours since I had pitched it) and no activity yet. Maybe it will be active tonight when I get home.

So if it does not start to ferment, what should I do? I have not had one yet that has not fermented.

I do have an extra pack of Safe Ale 05, I know that different yeasts will create different flavors, but I could throw that in too if needed.

I just brewed this last night too actually!

My pack swelled but I still don’t have fermentation this morning. It sounds like it takes a bit to start, but once it does it ferments like crazy. It also sounds like people have more success at mid 70’s fermentation temps…I pitched at 68-69 so I’m just going to have my ambient apartment temps slowly raise it to low 70’s.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about yet.

My house sits at 72, It was a little chilly this morning at around 69 degrees. We are in a cold front in AL and we are getting into that time of year where we play back and forth with heat or AC lol.

I ferment a Saison with 3711 in the mid 60’s. It works great at that temp, so don’t be to concerned on cooler temps. I like the flavor profile of the yeast at that temp. I’m sure it will make a fine Saison at other temps also. Maybe next time I will split a batch and see if I like it at warmer temps.

With any concerns about yeast not showing activity, I say don’t be overly concerned until hour 72.


I just got home and I have the start of healthy looking krausen. No floculating yet but I imagine it will start soon.

From the reviews of this beer it sounds like fermentation lasts awhile. Is that typical since there is so much malt and sugar?