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How long to reach temp of cold crash

Haven’t ever seen any rules of thumb about this, but in general how long would 5G at room temp (65F or so) or so take to reach cold crash levels (35F or so) in a fridge?

I know there are a lot of variables, but just want some general idea what you guys see.

Don’t normally rush things, but this hophead is jonesing for a Memorial Day IPA fix. I hope to hit with gelatin after work 5pm. Threw the bad boy in there this am. I will give it an overnight rest to drop most of the gel, rack, and force carb.

Thanks in advance!

I’d say at least 24 hours to reach the fridge temp if it’s just sitting in the fridge. If you can put a small fan in there with it, that’ll help. And put it as low as possible (cold air sinks).

Judging by my fermometer strip my 5 gallon carboy of beer is down to fridge temp inside of 24 hrs. I’m unsure of how much more yeast drops out after that point but I see little harm in a bit more yeast ending up in the keg. It’ll still clear up as it sits in the kegerator, few days of slightly cloudy beer doesn’t bother me.

24 hours. That was I remember too. I was hoping it was more like 8-10… THANKS

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