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How long should it stay in the secondary

I have put my beer into the secondary 2 weeks ago and it still seams to be bubbling about every 8 to 10 minutes. Is it too early to bottle or should I wait longer.

What kind of beer is it? What yeast did you use? What temperature did you ferment at? How long was it in the primary?

More importantly, have you checked the gravity lately?

I’ve done a number of browns/stouts/ambers lately and usually do 2 weeks primary and 2 weeks secondary. As long as the gravity reading is where it’s supposed to be, bubbling a little or not, it gets bottled. That is, provided I have the time to bottle it then, if not, then it’s fine with me that it sits in the secondary awhile.

if the gravity remains the same for 4+ days, within a reasonable final gravity range, then it’s ready to bottle.

I checked the gravity last week and again today the gravity has been about the same. Thanks

I would check it one more time, if it is the same again you should be good to go.

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