How long should I wait to keg?

Been reading for a while, but this is my first post here.

Ten days ago (Saturday, Dec. 6th) I brewed a Maibock that called for Wyeast 1214 (Belgian Abbey). My OG was 1.058, and I took a reading just a short time ago and it’s down to 1.01. I have typically let my beers sit for some time, but this seems to have finished out pretty quickly. If I were to decide to keg this weekend, is that too soon to allow things to settle out? Or should I give it more time?

I would wait. Although it might have reached terminal gravity the yeast is still busy cleaning up by products from the ferment. I usually wait 3 weeks before kegging. In addition, just because its at 1.010 doesn’t mean that its not going to drop further.

And not to be a ball buster or style Nazi but you can’t make a maibock without a lager strain. Without knowing the recipe its hard to call but it sounds like a begian pale.

No worries…it’s all good. I bought a kit from morebeer. You can find the kit here: ... anced.html

I switch it up from time to time…sometimes I buy kits and other times I find recipes and purchase needed ingredients. In this case, the kit did not come with yeast, but the Belgian Abbey was one that was recommended.

If you don’t feel like visiting the link, the recipe was:

10lbs German Pilsner
5 lbs Viena
1 lb Crystal 15
1 lb Carapils

.5 oz Magnum added to first runnings
1 oz Magnum at 30 mins
.5 oz Saaz at 15 mins
1 oz Saaz at flameout

OG should have been higher, so my efficiency was down. This was my fault as I experimented with something new with my equipment that day. Now I know not to do it anymore :slight_smile:

Its all good. That’s how we learn what works and what doesn’t. BREW ON!

+1 on the idea that I’d you attach an appellation to it, it’s a Belgian Pale Ale. However, with your lower than expected efficiency, I think this will turn out to be an excellent, balanced beer. With that said, it’s now had two weeks, and as long as the yeast has settled out and dropped clear, you can keg away. As a Belgian style or as a Maibock, this will continue to mature and smooth out over the next month or two.

Looks like a tasty beer and gives me some ideas for a new recipe. I was considering a bag of Vienna malt.

Good luck, and RDWHAHB.

Second that…if it’s at 1.010 and consistent over a couple days I’d keg it. Will improve more cold on gas then in the fermenter. Unless you drink it all up! :lol: