How long on stirplate?

How long do most of you keep your starters on the stirplate? I made a starter with a smack pack only because I have a big beer coming up and I need more cells than what just one will give me…and within 18 hours the starter was at full Krausen and then disappeared. Once that drops…am I ok to take it off the plate and eventually cold crash or step up the starter?

Yes, you could do either at 18 hours. Some will pitch at full krausen without cold crashing/decanting but you can and probably should step up for a really high gravity beer.

I like to do yeast at least a day ahead. 1600 mL I will swirl the flask as often as I walk by it. Lots of swirling as I brew. When its time to pitch I have been saving about 400mL, and the rest goes into the ready and waiting wort. I usually get fermenting action in as little as 4 hours and most at about 6 hours. Sneezles61 :cheers: