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How long does it take for hops bitterness and aroma to fade

I Brewed a batch of english bitter and hops bitterness and aroma is pretty strong. How long does it take for it to fade alittle

The aroma will begin to mellow out in a matter of weeks, and will start to fade within a couple of months. If you keep it for a year, you won’t have a lot of “hoppyness” flavor left. The bitterness will take longer, with several months needed to really tell it is fading. It will slowly drop over a few years.

I agree, it starts to fade in a few weeks. After roughly 6-9 months, it might be almost completely gone, depending on the recipe and aging conditions.

Thanks for the reply guys. The LHBS store had some hop leafs and thought i would dry hop with them. I should have just left it alone. live and learn :slight_smile:

How long has it been since you dry-hopped? I am finding that the beers I dry-hop have a “green” flavor that I don’t care for until its been in the keg for a few weeks.

Beer is improving with little time. I guess you could say was little green been 6 weeks in the bottle and has gotten much better. Thanks for the help and replys guy!

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