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How long does dry yeast last?

I have three 11g packages of S-189 that I’d purchased in November 2010… Is it possible that I could use these three packs for one beer? Or are they goners? ... 189_CB.pdf

According to that page, 24 months from production date under recommended storage conditions. Like most things, that is probably a conservative number.

You could try rehydrating them and seeing if they show signs of life, and maybe step-up a yeast starter.

Dry yeast tends to last pretty long. That’s my unscientific analysis. I’ve heard it said a lot, and due to bizarro circumstances had a several-years-old packet of wine yeast that I thought was a goner, but rehydrated it and it was fine. So you are probably fine. I think at worst, you could try it and if it does not work (with three of them ~2 & 1/2 years old I think you will be fine though), you could make a quick run to the LHBS if one is close by and toss it in. If you test the yeast a/o make a starter I think you’ll be fine.


This is why I like dry yeast, it’s resilient, easy to use, and doesn’t take much, if any, preparation. Plus, it ships well in any weather. We need more dry yeast options!

Well, I brewed a lager (based off of NB’s Speckled Heifer recipe - thought I’d try it as a lager this time) and pitched all three packages straight into the wort. It completely TOOK OFF an hour or so later!

So the final answer…? 2.5 year-old S-189 works JUST FINE! :smiley:

Thanks Beersk, I totally agree, I’m wondering has anybody made complete batches with Danstar BRY-97? I want to make a Pacific NWPA and was thinking of Wy1332, but if the BRY is close to the same I’ll go that route. What’s the verdict?..B.C.

Back in February, I brewed a Helles using 2 pkgs of S-189 that I have had in the fridge since 2009. I rehydrated first to make sure there was some activity. It worked quite well, in fact that beer went on to win best lager in the Finnish national homebrew contest this year.

BRY-97 is a good yeast, slow to start though, so don’t panic. Just rehydrate it and you should be fine.

Rebuiltcellars, that’s encouraging to read! Thanks for sharing. 3-4 year old dry yeast still works and produces great beer. Awesome! I need to try this S-189 stuff, but it’s kind of hard to find. Only one place has it that I know of. I currently have a helles fermenting with Saflager 34/70, looking forward to tasting that one.

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