How long can you wait after adding campden tablets

My 4 year old daughter wanted to make “apple juice” not being able to say no to this request spent an hour or last weekend making a cheap apple cider press…!230126&authkey=!AJ7n78pby1UFGlo&v=3&ithint=photo%2Cjpg

Fortunately/Unfortunately it worked better than I thought it would and produced a decent amount of cider, so I decided to attempt making some hard cider with some of the extra. After spending a bit too much on Amazon for supplies everything arrived in a couple days but appears my yeast will not be arriving for another week…so if I add the campden tablets now is it safe to store the cider covered (stopper/airlock) unrefrigerated until my yeast comes in?


Refrigerated or not, it will likely begin to ferment on its own if left for an entire week. Perhaps halfway through the week you should either add more Campden, or heat pasteurize at 160 F for 15 minutes. Then it should last the week. Or, just let the wild fermentation take hold, and see what you get.

Turned out the yeast showed up today…so started my6 first batch this evening…fingers crossed…

Thanks for the tip, will keep in mind if I have don’t time my orders in the future :slight_smile: