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How long can sweet wort sit?

I know this may be the wrong forum, but I need some quick help and this forum seems to get the most traffic. This morning I decided to try and brew an all grain batch. Ran into a few problems that slowed me down. I need to run kids to basketball tournament in late morning. Can I let my sweet wort sit in the boil kettle from 10:00 am until 8:00pm tonight and then start my boil? Temps in my area should be around 32-35 degrees today and I would leave the keggle outside.
Would I run into any problems or would the boil take care of everything?

I’m no expert, but I believe the only issue you may have is a little souring if bacteria gets in there. I don’t know how that works compared to letting the mash sit out with the grains still in there. I’m sure it depends on your cleanliness/sanitation too.

I wouldn’t do it. But I’m also no expert on this. I would think bacteria would get in there without boiling it. If you boiled it like usual, then in that case it’d be fine sitting for that long.

That isn’t nearly enough time for anything to take hold, so as long as you boil it you should be fine. I’ve pulled wort samples from a mash that took over a week to exhibit any growth.

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