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How Long Can Kits Last?

So I bought a couple of kits earlier in the year (March). Brewed one of them and then moved on to all grain and forgot about the second kit. It’s been sitting in the frig outside the whole time. I’m not really interested in using the extract right now, but I am interested in using the German Hersbrucker hops (Hop Union) in a saison that I want to make.

The hops are still in the original sealed bag. I’m wondering if they are still going to be good 7 months later? I don’t know how long they can last in the original bag. After so long they have to go bad.

Along those lines the Wyeast smack pack has also been the frig. It’s dated March/2012. It’s hasn’t puffed out at all. If I make a starter for it will it be OK or is it toast?


If the hops have been in sealed bags and in the freezer I don’t see any reason not to use them. The yeast should be OK too if you smack it, it might take longer to puff up than a fresh one. A starter is a good idea though.

Many of us buy bulk hops to freeze and use over a period of time to save on costs so no worries there.

Thanks for the quick advice!

I ordered a kit and I ended up with 1/2 of a 1 ounce bag of hops left over. I put them in a baggie and just put them in the basement - am I supposed to freeze it?

I would say yes. Sounds like from this post (and others that I’ve recently read) that the freezer is the best bet to saving them for the long term.


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