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How long can juice sit before pitching campden?

I’m on my way to making my first batch of Hard Cider ever. This year was a FANTASTIC apple crop, and the trees were just a poppin’. I plan on using a conventional press to do up a six gallon batch in a couple weeks, but got a little jiggy with a juicer today, and it seemed to do a pretty nice job.

I’m just wondering how long this juice will stay good for (refrigerated) before it will be too late to pitch it in campden? I couldn’t find any Campden locally, so I have to wait for some (along with yeast) to come in from Northern Brewer in a few days.

Should I keep juicing it up in preparation, or stop juicing until the goods come in?

A question that can’t be answered. Depends on the amount/health of the wild yeast on the apples.

Obviously the colder you can keep the cider, even freezing it, the longer time you have. 2-3 days should not be an issue. Past that and my have some natural fermentation going on. Which may not be a bad thing.

A cider maker on another board said he didn’t like any commercial yeast strains. He naturally fermented his ciders.

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