How long can cider be aged safely?

I am the type who likes to enjoy the majority of my batches of cider within the first 6 to 8 months however, I want to set aside a bottle or two for future enjoyment. Can anyone tell me how to age my cider for long term mellowing in a cellar. My cider is still. Glass or wood keg? How long is safe?


Just bottle it. It will last for years.

Mine usually doesn’t last that long, but I try to have it consumed within 12-18 months of bottling. Thats assuming that you have the acid levels adjusted correctly. Your not dealing with a high alcohol solution and in most cases adjusted SO2 level.

I have a cider I made over 2 years ago and its getting better with time. It was more of an applewine though.

Depends on the alcohol content, just like beer. I have several bottles a year old, at that point most of the apple flavor has receded and you basically have a dry white wine flavor, similar to Riesling. My abv was about 11.5 though so that has a lot to do with it.

I bottled some sparkling cider in 2008, and it’s still very good. As long as your bottling procedures are sound, you should be fine for a long time.