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How is Your Brewing Weather today?

Here is Pasadena California its a cool 55 deg and raining. Prime Brewing weather :cheers:

Awesome. A great 68F. It was great. All done now though. Yeast pitched and everything cleaned up.

I brew in the house: 70-75 year round. :wink:

I just finishesd a partial mash pale ale, nice sunny 28 f outside St Louis.

40-45 and windy. A buddy thought he might have able to get off work at noon so we
could leave a little earlier for 2 day duck hunt. Not going til 3:30. I’m bummed, could
have banged out a brew today. Oh well, it’ll all be good if its raining ducks tomorrow!


15F and cloudy.

Wind: From SSE at 17mph gusting to 24mph.

13F. sigh

-8 when I started this morning in La Crosse, WI. Brewed an extra special bitter today. Mashed indoors and brewed in the garage with the door open about 6". With the temps should be doing another lager.

Been pretty steady around 30F for the past couple weeks, with some snow almost every day. Unusually warm winter here - the sea is covered by ice, but not thick enough to safely walk on. Hope this holds for another week - I’ll be brewing next weekend and high 20s with snow makes a perfect brew day.

High today is going to be 58F and mostly cloudy. Yeast starter is already cold crashed.

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