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How does she look

I bought a deluxe kit on craigslist from a guy that got it as a gift but never used it. the beer kit that came with it was almost a yr old so i was a little worried but i got such a steal i figured id just give it a go. this is how she looks this morning less then 24hrs. Look good? This is my first brew outside of the one brew i did with mr beer. any input would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like the yeast was still healthy. Time will tell how old malt extract worked out.

What temperature is the fermometer reading? I can’t seem to see it on scale in the photo?

well that’s the whole problem… there isn’t a reading…over night i left the carboy close to a heating vent and i’m afraid it may have went higher then the 78 degree mark on the Fermometer.i feel the glass now and its cool to the touch but still no reading…i cant believe it could be at over 78 could it?..i think i’m going to slowly move it from where it is to a cooler spot. it was bubbling like mad for hrs, now its a bloop here and there… as stated the kit was almost a yr old so she may be broken… or maybe i killed it with heat. live and learn.

Sounds like it fermented hot and fast. You’re going to have some off flavors (fusel alcohol, etc), but if nothing else… you learned a lesson. Don’t keep your fermentor near a heat vent :wink:

You really want to pitch and keep temps (for most ale yeast) in low to mid 60’s. 70’s and up is too warm for most ale yeast. Although some like Saison and certain Belgian yeast like 70’s and even 80’s, for most that’s way too warm.

Brew and learn. You still made beer :cheers:

I doubt you killed the yeast with heat. You most likely helped them ferment the whole batch faster instead. Let it sit for 10-14 days and take a gravity reading.

Edit: dobe12 beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the replys. I will keep her in this stage for 10 or so days take a reading and if ready then switch her to secondary fermentation stage. im not going to give up on her!

Unless you need the fermentor for your next batch there really is no need to move to secondary. It increases your risk of infection and oxidation and you won’t see much (if any) added benefit to clarity.

I would just leave it in primary for 3 weeks and then bottle. That’s my SOP.

Thanks! i will just leave er in there.

I just wouldnt expect to much from this batch if it comes out good awesome if not write it off as ingredients that were past their prime.

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