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How does Lagering effect bottling?

I lagered a Kolsch for about 5 weeks at 40*F and then bottled it with 1 cup of table sugar (I like it very carbonated…). We opened on bottle after 1 week that was very slightly carbed and then waited another full week to open a bottle that was just as carbed as the first. I started to wonder if the bottling will just naturally take a lot longer because of the lagering period and what I might be able to do to speed this up (w/o opening all the bottles).

I also found out later that my father-in-law had put the bottles in his fridge during the bottling stage, which i’m sure didn’t help the matter.

Thanks, as always, for your thoughts and comments, in an effort to educate a new and excited homebrewer! :cheers:

Move the bottles somewhere warm and rouse them to get yeast and sugar back in suspension. Even a lager needs to bottle condition at room temp then you can drop the temp and lager.


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