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How do you label the taps on your keezer?

I know a lot of you have kegerators/keezers, I was just wondering how most of you label your beers. White board, chalk board, post-it note, different tap handles? I found a website where I can design my own 3" X 4" magnet and I’ve designed/ordered 6 so far. I made them for the beers that I think I’ll be making regularly and so far it’s worked out pretty good. It’s called, here is one of my designs.



I use self adhesive 4" x 6" vinyl pouches and then print a label to slip inside it.

[quote=“MullerBrau”]I use self adhesive 4" x 6" vinyl pouches and then print a label to slip inside it.
I do about the same as this. Mine are magnetic ones (normally for photos). I like to make fun labels but usually I don’t have the time so just print out the name and ingredients.

Masking tape and sharpie.

I use chalkboard paint on the lid. And chalk. I kept my tap handles short so they don’t get in the way.

I thought about making & printing the labels, but it seems like it’d be too much. Now, I just write the name in chalk, and if I want to doodle, too, I can.

In chalk on a “chalkboard painted” wall behind the taps

I have 2 dry erase tap handles and a chalk board tap handle. They’re cool, but when someone else pours a beer, they always put their thumb right on the writing. Doesn’t seem to matter how many times I tell them not to do that, they still do, absent mindedly. It’s kind of annoying. If I could redesign (and still might someday), I’d just get a chalk board to write the beers on tap on and use the little black tap handles that come stock with towers and whatnot.

To the top side of the lid for my keezer kegerator I foam rollered on some black chalkboard paint (several light coats, one coat, then dry and lightly sand and wipe off dust, and then another coat, etc.). I write down different beers with different colors of colored chalk, and an arrow from each one towards its tap handle.

My entire kegerator is painted with chalkboard paint. I write the names below the taps. The top and rest of the front is for doodling and writing messages, and one side is dedicated to signatures of people who have taken a pull.

I use an LCD monitor and Raspberry Pints!

Dang…that’s pretty serious right there.

Is that the system that monitors your keg level also?

It looks like it might pour the beer for you!

If it was that advanced, I’d be worried that it might drink the beer for you also.

There are add ons for keg levels and pour counters, I didnt get that crazy. I literally had almost everything just laying around to build it. It allowed my inner nerd to come out, lol.

I take a chunk of wood and bust out the old wood burning kit. It has interchangeable letters, and is a bit of an arduous project but it looks cool in the end.

I use dry erase magnetic strips.

I guess my method is a bit primitive. Orange tape (the stuff with no stickyness), sharpied and then tied around the tap nearish to the tower it comes out of.

Not pretty but very cheap, which is kinda insane considering how much time and $$ I put into my Bar/Kezzer.



You can label your taps?

WOW! Why would anyone do that? That would the adventure out of selecting a beer!

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