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How do I know if its contaminated?

So when I was changing the beer over to another carboy for the second fermentation I was really careful about keeping everything sanitized. I checked the specific gravity, then dumped that beer from the hygrometer back into the carboy- realizing too late that I hadn’t sanitized the hygrometer tube…it was clean but not sanitized. HOw will I know if the beer is ruined? It has been 2 weeks and its ready to bottle… What should I look for? Is it safe to drink? It looks ok…

Your beer is probably fine.
After a couple of days of fermentation the brew becomes less susceptible to bacterial contamination due to its alcohol content and low pH. One thing to watch for may be an airlock that keeps bubbling after 2-3 weeks, or a hydrometer reading that keeps going down really slowly–these could be indicators of wild yeast contamination. In general though, just trust your nose and tastebuds to tell you if it’s drinkable.

Its always safe to drink, it might not taste good enough is all. If its contaminated you’ll see a scum start to grow over the surface of the beer. This usually takes several days to develop. I’m guessing you’ll be alright since people normally rinse the hydrometer jar right after testing. I usually drink my FG sample just to be safe and not waste.

Thanks so much!

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