How do I control temperature in a Conical Fermenator?

I’m upgrading to a Blichmann Fermenator (Conical) and need some input on how to control the temperature while fermenting. Is a freezer and a temp. control the best way to go? I haven’t decided entirely but I’m leaning toward saying screw it and going big w/ the 27 Gallon over the 14. Will I have an issue fitting that into a freezer, what are my options?


I’m not sure of the dimensions but I think an upright refrigerator would work.

Thats the best way, but it’s not without it’s challenges. Finding a fridge that will fit it, plus give you enough room to work (filling it, dumping yeast, dry hopping, connecting CO2) may be a challenge.

Here’s what I would look into: ... acket.html

I made something similar to this about 3 years ago using a couple cold therapy wraps (they wrap around body parts and ice water is pumped through to reduce swelling). I wish I would have pursued a patent!

The cooling/heating conundrum is why I didn’t go the conical route. Most upright freezers are no good because the cooling coils are the shelves so can’t be removed. The more I become obsessed with this hobby the more I realize I should have listened to those guys that swear by buckets.

I was think an upright refrigerator. You have more options and used ones are more available. A lot of people switch to side by side whic are useless for us Brewers.

Frigidaire 20.3 cu. ft. model FFU21F5HW and GLFH21F8HW (32W X 28.5D X 70H) both will work with your conical.

I have a couple 14.5s and use the 13.7cu ft easily.