How beer saved the word documentary

Not only is this the best hobby on earth but after watching this show i was amazed by how important beer was to the development of civilization…Its started the agricultural revolution, math/science,refrigeration,it was currency in egypt and the pyramid builders were paid in beer…it took over 200 million gallons of beer to build a pyramid…Beer has led to alot of advances in mankind and i only named a small fraction of them…check out this documentry its amazing…It is mentioned that beer is the single greatest invention ever, it also kept people alive during plagues cause beer needs to be boiled sure they could have just boiled the water but thats no fun…anyway check it out if you have not

Don’t forget the germ theory of disease. :cheers:

can’t forget that brother :cheers:

Beer has rarely saved the word for me :wink: if anything it lets the word slip… and I often times wish it hadn’t.

I remember watching this and feeling like it was a little too gimmicky. I mean, there are very valid points being made, but they tried way too hard to. If anything this feels like an after school special for 21 year olds. Not that I’m disputing the relevance of beer to mankind’s survival, but I seriously question heaving it up on a pedestal as the penultimate savior of our species.

I will say it certainly saved my life :cheers: It gave me passion when I thought my life was over.

The gimmickry is kind of funny

I thought the gimmickry was great, but I also watched it when I was sick and had a head full of NyQuil.

I thought Mike Rowe’s “How Booze Built America” was more interesting.