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How are others hops progressing this year?

I don’t know why, but my hops seem to be early this summer. Just found cones on my Tettnanger plant this morning (see photo). The plants seem to have taken off early. I don’t have many, just one plant each of six varieties, but all seem really robust this year. I’m in the Cleveland area. How are others’ hops going?

Agreed. Mine seem super far along. This is third year for me, so I wasn’t sure if they were just finally mature enough to look this way, or if it really is early. We did have an early, mild spring, so it makes sense to me.

Growing like weeds

I like that!

I’m also in my third year growing hops here in the Buffalo area. I also have the impression they are progressing much faster this year. Nuggets are about 18 feet tall already. Cascades have side bines over 6 inches long already. Tettnang looks as though might start budding any day now. And we haven’t even reached the summer solstice yet! We also had a mild winter here.

I’m not growing hops but here in central New York we had some unusually warm temps early on in the spring. Sure has made my lawn grow to the point where it’s a PIA.

I can’t really find a decent spot on my property to grow some hops. To bad they do grow like weed. No I mean like weeds. :wink:

Thanks for the replies. Sounds like maybe a warm early spring got things going. For me it may also be that my plants are more established (and perhaps I just don’t remember when the first cones appeared last year). I have dated photos this time, so will be able to keep track when comparing in years to come.

I gave a lot of hops away this spring, and there were some of the sucker roots that got dug up and pitched out in the woods. Well, the other day I found them, growing! They are about 5’ long. They just won’t give up!! Sneezles61

Like I said

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Both my goldings and sterlings got a somewhat earlier than normal and more vigorous than normal start this year.
I train mine to go horizontal on an unused clothesline at eye level and some bines of both varieties have already gone further along the clothesline than ever before.

First year hops. Not getting the full amount of sun needed but seem to be growing ok. Magnum on the left and top right. Cascade on bottom right. Planted two rhizomes each but one cascade failed break ground yet. Planted 5/11/16

yes haha its weird here on the island hops dont grow to hot the weather but the other weeds seem to grow rapid so kind of strange weed yes but hops dont grow even with lots of love and tender care did some research growing hops. my budddy in holland had a bad year for growing hops

I no longer grow hops due to the work required and that I travel out of town most weekends. They can take an awful lot of water, especially during peak growing when it’s scorching hot. I can imagine that on a tropical island it would be VERY difficult.

I don’t nurture my hop plants other than running a mower around them to keep them corralled. Don’t use them allot for brewing except some dry hopping. I did make a harvest ale with them last year. They absorb a lot of liquid and they are kind of unpredictable. They look cool in the beer garden at my octoberfest party though.

I did use mine when I grew them, but, it was a crap shoot. I wasn’t about to send some away to find what the AA was so I knew what, well, I was trying to do! I did like putting them in the kettle on the wood stove, for aromatics tho! Nuttin’ like a big wiff of hops in the boil kettle! New air freshener perhaps? Sneezles61

My Chinooks and Tettnangs flowered this week, and we haven’t even hit the summer solstice yet. It has been hot and very dry here in Western NY.

Definetly to dry so far. Without a lot of water the hops will not be very aromatic. Shaping up to be another bust yesr

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