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How and when

So through my kegging process, I have yet to nail down the dry hopping, chilling and kegging time frame… I’m fortunate enough to be able to “push” the brew from a fermenter into a CO2 purged keg with… CO2. I have an APA thats done fermenting, 1.006… Its been at room temp for 3+ days… I just dumped in 2 oz hops, free range style… I usually don’t mess with the schedule this way… but doing some thinnin’ here, I’m going to start cold crashing Wed… Friday I will keg…
Many times before, I cold crashed, kegged, then warm up for dry hopping… Some times I pulled the hops, most times not… Whats your schedule look like… ? Sneezles61

Try the same recipe but with 1oz per gallon of dry hop

Yesterday I transferred two brews to kegs, ESB and Citra pale ale. The citra pale got 3 oz of dry hops bagged. Both kegs will sit at room temp in my basement until Weds evening when they’ll go into kegerator. 3-4 days to carb and should be pouring by Saturday/Sunday if all goes well. I leave dry hops in for the duration of the keg. If my back gets back in line this week, I’m hoping to brew again this weekend. I have some catching up to do with all my travel lately.


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Very similar to yours( but I don’t cold crash, haven’t had problems with pellet hops not sinking for awhile and generally get clear beer).

When primary fermentation is nearly done I dry hop(free range also), leave at room temp x 5 days, then rack with C02 to keg with bagged hops clipped halfway down beverage dip tube, leave keg out x 5 days at room temp, then place on gas in kegerator.

Hops in a mesh sleeve or bag into a keg, CO2 purge then close transfer, room temp for 3-5 days then to the fridge or cold conditioning chamber. Hops stay in keg for duration.

My next IPA may get a DH in the bucket prior to transfer, then a second in the keg just for experimentation sake since everyone is talking about multiple DHs rather than large single ones…

Free range in the fermenter. Room temp for 5 days then into the keg. I don’t DH in the keg generally.

I just wonder if there may be a different way to “help” keep some of the aroma in the brew… I haven’t got a torpedo yet, but really thinking on it… Sneezles61

My last IPA I dry hopped the fermenter on day 2, 5, and 7 free range then a bag in the keg. The fermenter hops were all Cascade the keg was citra they were all 1oz additions. The first few weeks it was nice and grapefruity from the Cascade as it is getting low I’m picking up alot of the citra flavor. So what does that say ? I guess the keg hops keep giving it up or maybe as the keg level drops it gets more concentrated.

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