Houston we have a problem

Is there any way to filter out the yeast when transferring to a bottling bucket and carbing bottles with CO2? I have my first two batches that are ready to drink, very nice carb level, however three beers in and a few hours later my stomach feels like it is going to explode! terrible gas from what I can only assume is the yeast. Other than that though both beers are great!

Thanks for any help

Take it slow, your system will get used to it. In the future you can try cold crashing, filtering, finings, etc to drop out more yeast, but you need yeast to carbonate in the bottle

Are you pouring the full bottle in your glass? It’s best to leave the last quarter inch of or so in the bottle to avoid getting all of the yeast. But yeah, you’ll adjust.

lol i had that same problem

Yeast doesn’t bother me but I still leave the last 1/4" or so in most cases. Precious few beers actually taste better with a slug of yeast added.

I agree with several posts; here are my suggestions:

1 - carefully decant the beer off the yeast in your bottle, and leave some beer behind if the layer is thick or especially fluffy-looking. Longer chilled storage without disturbing the yeast layer will also help make decanting easier.

2 - your body should adjust after a while, and brewers yeast is good for you!

3 - choosing a more flocculant yeast for future brews should also help.

4 - careful racking into the bottling bucket can bring over less yeast from the fermenter. Also consider a fining agent in the fermenter a couple days before racking -

I had one beer in particular years ago that really tore me up! I would always feel sorry for my co-oworkers the mornings after a drank a bunch of it! It used WY 1275. Never really used that one since. Not because of gas, just haven’t used it.

Well I am glad that I am not the only one who has had this issue! I will try ALL the suggested things for sure. Thats why this forum is the best…you can ask and get an answer to just about anything!