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House natural gas for floor burner

Is it possible to convert a propane floor burner to house natural gas? Can you get enough pressure to generate a good flame? What parts are necessary? Thanks for any help!

NB has the Blichmann burner available with a natural gas conversion kit. Note that the output BTUs drop using NG. It’s on my wish list for later though.

Not sure about converting other burners…

Check with your local natural gas supplier, and they should have the orifice that you need, or know where to procure…The pressure is already regulated at your meter.

As Hank Hill would say: Propane, and Propane accessories."

Here’s plenty more info:

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Thanks all for a lot of info on this subject.

I don’t know why, I was thinking the OP was talking about a “jet” garage heater. ... _large.jpg


Depending on what type of burner you have you might be able to drill the orifices.

Despite what they say, any of the 10" banjo burners can be converted to NG using a drilled out orifice or one of the NG orifices from Williams Brewing for the Hurricane burner.

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