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Hot horseradish mustard

I usually bring a couple of jars of this with us to Florida each winter but this year we kind of put off leaving then decided let’s go and forgot to buy some. I can order it online but the shipping is way more than the mustard.

Any of you make your own? I have tried it but it never comes close to the Hot as Hell mustard. They say it is serious stuff they are not kidding. Clears out your sinuses and brings tears to your eyes if you try too much. Fresh horseradish here is not happening. Coconuts maybe.

I’m thinking that maybe if I get some horseradish root and prepare it myself it might be better.


Prime rib and horsey… mmmmmmm.
I don’t know if you’d want to try making that stuff… The gas that comes off the root alone will drive you to tears… you really won’t want to do this inside… Hence, mustard gas bombs…?

That bad huh? Make it outside with, like I can’t find one, a mask and goggles? Looks like it is just water, vinegar and salt. Recipe do say keep an arms length away and a well ventilated room.

Love the stuff. River Rats prepared horseradish is as hot as the mustard.

Brew friend owned a butcher market up north… A customer brought in a 5 gallon bucket of roots… Within a couple minutes into grinding, the store was cleared out! Thats horse radish roots… No idea about seeds I saw they used…
Gather some friends around the picnic table outside to process some and tell us what happens…

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Not sure if I will even try it but if I do it will be outside. Since the store bought is less strong than home grown and I guess when you add the vinegar it neutralizes it some we should be safe.

The hot mustard has tumeric listed as an ingredient so I will need that too.

We bought some liverwurst from the grocery yesterday and I sure missed the mustard. The wurst was pretty bad compared to the German meat market we use or even Aldi has much better for half the price.

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I used to grow horseradish and had the bright idea of grinding up a bunch and canning. When my wife came home I had all the windows and doors open, fans blowing, and she still couldn’t stay in the house.
I’ve also made mustard, can’t remember the exact recipes. I do remember soaking the seed before grinding.


Not sure I’m going to try it. The mustard we get is expensive but you use very little since it is so strong so I don’t mind. It goes a long way. The shipping is the killer. When I called them last year it was the same for one jar as six I think. The stuff loses its zing with time so unless I give it to friends it might go to waste.

I have a jar of mustard seed. Do you soak the seed so it will liquify instead of turning to powder?

Yeah, for stone ground you can soak them whole then grind or roughly grind then soak. For dijon you would use powder.
It’s important to let it sit for a few days after making it. Freshly ground mustard seed can be bitter.
I liked to use a variety of seed if you can find them. I believe the black seeds are hotter.

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