Horrible contrast!

Last night I did a terrible thing.I had a few beers, no homebrew left so I had a few Sierra Nevada’s from a variety pack. But I ran out and wanted one more, so I went into the garage and there were a few Bud Lights in there that my wife drinks. I thought, what the hell and I poured it into a glass. I will never, ever do that again. That is perhaps the worst beer I ever had. I guess I am spoiled because in the past I could actually drink that in a pinch.

Funny isn’t it…I was at a party last week and all they had was Bud light and Stella. Not being a fan of skunked beer in green bottles I grabbed a Bud. Can’t remember the last time I had one… It didn’t have enough taste to be offensive. So I just held the half empty bottle and fussed with the ends of my handlebar mustache for the rest of the night.


You forget about proper serving technique. Some beers get a wide chalice with nucleation sites at the bottom, some are better in a tulip glass. Or the long narrow pilsner glass; the classic pint glass; or the pub glass with the funny shoulder bumps.

Bud light is best served in a long-tubed funnel, surrounded by your drunk brothers chanting “Drink, Drink, Drink!!!”

Do it right next time, and I guarantee at least one person in the room will say, “Whew! That was AWESOME!”

You guys crack me up. Years ago I was so snobbish as to refuse the likes of BMC. Now, like Danny I’ll hold the bottle( reluctantly, maybe all night) and converse with others. It is beer, so I let it go at that. My funnel days are over, regardless of what it is. Oh by the way, my new Edelmetall is appropriately tarnished. Got a boil in 15 min. I’m sure 5000’ alt. has something to do with it.

We had a dog that loved my homebrew. Had to ration it to him because he would (like me) go overboard drinking it. On night I discovered a Bud light in the fridge someone had left at the house and decided the dog might like it. No way. He took one sniff, looked at me like I was an a-hole and walked away. Even a K9 can tell it sucks. :lol:

Dog are generally loyal to a fault and they are known to do dangerous things for their owner except apparently drink crap beer. I guess they have to draw the line somewhere.