HopUnion hops

Hey not a crazy topic, but does anyone have experience buying and ordering hops through NorthernBrewer? Great company and I love the products, but I just received several one ounce packages of hops from them (HopUnion actually) and three of the packages were not sealed and the hops were just rolling around in the box. Well this will be an interesting boil addition or dry hop I guess. Anyways, I usually get my hops from Morebeer and wanted to try NB. First attempt was a bust… just seeing if anyone else has had similar issues.

Thanks fellas

NB is local to me, so I buy in store. I’ve ordered hops mail order from others, though. Loose in the box is bad… I’d contact customer service. Hops are volatile, and will break down if out of their nitrogen purged foil packs. I’d be more concerned with pellets going everywhere. Hops are poisonous to dogs, and dangerous to have rolling all over.

Never had that happen to me or anyone I know that orders from NB. Give them a call in the morning. The hops will be replaced.

Did had the same thing happen to me. Glue came loose. From some cascade. Did. Send nb a mesage. Told them no big deal. They said thanks for the info. They did send new ones. For free. Awesome service. Same with a broken carboy. I did get in the mail

NB has great customer service. They’ll make it right. Also, they need to know that these problems are occurring so they can tell HopUnion to fix the problem. I recently had a 1 lb bag of Maillard Malts Caramel 40L that had burnt flakes and kernels in it. It was if they scraped the walls of the kiln and bagged that. NB immediately emailed me a gift certificate and let me know they would be contacting the company.

They hooked it up with new hops